Use Vim for web development and show yourself some love


I see a lot of people give me a specious look as I'm telling them I use Vim for web development, and some of them are the most experimented programmers I know. They do admit that Vi is that thing that might save you from some complicated situation sometimes, when you have this server than wouldn't boot, everything could be broken but Vi is still there ready to work. It's because it's so lightweight and it needs almost nothing to start running. And that's why server admins love it so much...

They love it for manipulating network configuration files with no overcomplicated syntax, but not writing thousands of lines of html or javascript. They claim that, comparatively to some other web focused editor, Vi lacks of features to handle web development. You can't really compare Vi (or Vim) to a full blown IDE. It is worthless because that is not what Vim is trying to be. Vim is aiming to be a simple minimalistic open source text editor that happen to have a particular key binding. Though, it doesn't mean the Vim vs. IDE wouldn't be a fair battle.

In fact, one of the main strengths of Vim is how easy it is to customize it, to add features to it, change its behaviour to fit your needs in terms of development. Vim has a big and strong community of users, developers from all environments including the web, who put online a whole lot of plugins made to ease their work, and yours.

Based on this observation, i've decided to write a post to share all of the vim tips and tricks I use on a daily basis for web development. But as I was writing, I realized how long it was going to be, and decided to cut it into three parts.

Part 1 For the hardcore HTML crafters
Part 2 not implemented yet
Part 3 not implemented yet